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Burzelday reminds you of birthdays and other anniversaries.

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  • Free to use («free as in beer»)
  • Setup unlimited number of reminders
  • Choose between yearly and milestone reminders

About Burzelday

Burzelday is a small app that helps you remind of birthdays and other anniversaries. Burzelday comes from German Burzeltag, slang for birthday. The app was created for the board of the Rordorf Family Foundation—one of Switzerland's oldest foundations. The board needed a tool to remind them of upcoming birthdays within a larger circle of relatives (most of which did not use Facebook or other social media that would remind them of birthdays). The tool can be used by anyone for free.


Burzelday is a personalized, email-based reminder service. To offer the service, users are asked to provide their email address and other personal information. Burzelday does not sell, give away or make your personal information available to any third party in any other way without your explicit consent. All personal data we collect on our website are protected against unauthorized access from third parties, and are located in a secured, firewall-protected data center in Switzerland.